Electronic Surveillance (Wiretap)

Class #: 
Class Description: 
This 8-hour course is for peace officers and qualified individuals assigned to intercept and record wire communications ("wiretaps"). This class covers the legal basis for California wiretap operations as well as the practical and tactical aspects of operating and monitoring a wiretap. Penal Code Section 629.94 requires successful completion of this course before seeking authorization for, or participating in, wiretap operations.
Who Should Attend: 
Qualified individuals assigned to investigate narcotics, murder, solicitation to commit murder, gangs, bombing of public or private property, aggravated kidnapping, or conspiracy to commit any of those crimes, and who will be involved in a court-authorized state wiretap.
Class Objectives: 
Upon completion of this course and a written examination, students are certified by the Office of the Attorney General of the State of California to participate in wire intercept operations.
Class Outline: 
  • General Legal Issues
  • Electronic Surveillance
  • Pen Registers
  • Minimization Requirements
  • Preparing the Application
  • Obtaining the Order
  • Audio Minimization Exercise
  • Wire Room Procedures
  • Written Examination
This is a POST Plan IV reimbursable course and is free for Local Officers/Agents from POST reimbursable agencies only. For State and Federal Law Enforcement Officers/Agents there is a tuition charge of $101.00, payable at the door. Payment must be made by check or money order to POST.
More Information: 
To register for courses in San Francisco or the Bay Area, please go to www.nchidta.org. To register for courses at LA Clear or in Ontario, please go to www.lacleartraining.org. For any other locations, please contact Tricia Nelson for registration information.
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For further information contact Tricia Nelson at the ATC at (916) 464-5667.

Schedule of Classes:

Locationsort ascending Date(s)
West Sacramento September 28, 2017
San Jose October 23, 2017
Reno November 17, 2017
Camarillo November 6, 2017
Fremont December 11, 2017
Anaheim October 9, 2017
San Diego September 25, 2017
LA CLEAR December 19, 2017
LA CLEAR October 17, 2017
Fresno October 2, 2017