One-Pot Methamphetamine

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Class Description: 
This 8 hour training course looks at the increasingly popular "one-pot" method of manufacturing methamphetamine. This course provides those investigating methamphetamine laboratories with the essential knowledge needed to reduce the risk of injury at these sites, including the history behind the method, hazards associated with the investigation, and personal protective equipment recommended at the scene.
Who Should Attend: 
All law enforcement personnel and first responders who may be exposed to One-Pot type methamphetamine laboratories in their line of duty.
Class Objectives: 
To recognize and safely handle these types of clandestine laboratories.
Class Outline: 



Emerging Problem


The New Trend 


Personal Protective Equipment

Site Control


One-Pot Waste 

Case Studies

      Various documented One-Pot cases

One Pot – Live Cook

          Demonstration of One-Pot method

This is a tuition free course.
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For further information contact Tricia Nelson at the ATC at (916) 464-5667.

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No classes are scheduled at this time.

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