Computer Digital Evidence Recovery

Class Code: 
Subject Area: 
D - Digital Evidence
Class Location: 
California Criminalistics Institute / Rancho Cordova and various
Class Description: 

This 80-hour course is designed for investigators who have basic computer skills and are new to computer forensics. This class will provide training on: forensic computer components; set-up and trouble shooting of forensic hardware and software; case management; understanding the fundamentals of a search warrant; search and seizure of computer/digital evidence; tools, skills and protocols necessary to assist in the forensic investigation and prosecution of a computer crime.
The course includes:
Understanding of computer forensics;
Fundamentals of computer hardware;
Working a case from the beginning to the final report;
Conducting basic searches and analysis of evidence;
Overview of forensics software;
Legal update;
Writing effective search warrants;
Preparing evidence for presentation in court;
Understanding file systems;
Evidence identification;
Removal, recovery, and accessing digital media,
Understanding fundamentals of write blocking

Teaching Methods: 
Lecture, hands-on practical exercises.
Course exercises are designed to simulate criminal situations and test the student’s ability to complete a successful forensic investigation on digital evidence.
Successful completion of D250 PC Forensics Basic Data Recovery
There is no cost to local law enforcement agencies. State or federal employees who qualify for this class must pay $3,261 for registration and materials.
Course Contact: 
Training officer Martin Balcazar at (916) 464-0460, FAX (916) 464-5818

Schedule of Classes:

No classes are scheduled at this time.

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