Computer Forensics - Macintosh

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D - Digital Evidence
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This is a 40 hour course is designed to give high tech-computer forensic investigators working knowledge of Apple devices, the operating system, and conducting forensic examinations of Mac media. Students will learn how to navigate in and work with the Apple’s OS X environment.

Apple computers not only support the Mac OS, but also now provide an environment to run Windows, Linux, and the UNIX-based operating systems. Because of this versatility, they are becoming more mainstream and investigators are performing more forensic investigations on Apple computers. Law Enforcement agencies are quickly shifting to Mac computers as their forensic machine. The Mac systems offer flexibility and provide a robust platform, capable handling the Mac and Windows environment seamlessly.

This course will consist of lecture, hands on exercises; instructor led exercises, and self-paced lab work.

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Lecture, hands-on exercises, instructor-led exercises, and self-paced lab work.
The objective of this course is to give the students a foundation of understanding of the Mac OS X operating system and hands-on experience in that environment. Students will use Macintosh computers with the OSX operating system. The course will explain file system structure, operating system components, location of forensically relevant files and folders, examination and analysis, and a comparison of Mac vs. Windows based examinations.
Students must have completed the Department of Justice’s Computer Digital Evidence Recovery; and should be currently working on doing forensics
Students should be peace officers assigned to a computer crime unit/task force who are assigned responsibility for computer forensic investigations.
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Training officer Martin Balcazar at (916) 464-0460, FAX (916) 464-5818
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