UPDATED- Computer Crime-Investigation of Internet Crimes

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D - Digital Evidence
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This 40 hour ICI foundation specialty course provides new and experienced investigators with the necessary training, skills, knowledge and practical experience to conduct a variety of internet based investigations. Instruction will be provided on the various components of the internet and how it works; students will learn techniques to effectively use the internet as an investigative tool including: the investigation of historical data and the digital footprints available through the analysis of artifacts and metadata, understanding internet protocols; decoding of e-mail headers and IP tracing. Students will conduct live online investigations using social networking sites such as investigative resources. Students will learn how to configure an investigative computer with open source and commercial tools currently available and learn the latest resources existing to capture their digital evidence. Students will also be instructed on the creation of internet covert profiles and personas.

Teaching Methods: 
Lecture, hands-on assignments and laboratory practice.
At the conclusion of this course, law enforcement personnel assigned to high technology crime investigation units, other specialty investigative units, or Crimes against People divisions will have a good understanding of crimes committed via the Internet. In addition, personnel will have an understanding of how to use the Internet as an investigative tool, allowing them to conduct reactive and proactive investigations. Experienced detectives will update their skills, learn current state and federal laws applicable to Internet crimes, and the latest techniques to detect and prevent internet crimes.
Law enforcement personnel assigned to high technology crime investigation units, white collar crime units, fraud or forgery units, sex and vice crimes units. Furthermore, any law enforcement officer with an interest in Internet crime investigations. IT IS STRONGLY SUGGESTED THAT STUDENTS SHOULD KNOW HOW TO EFFECTIVELY OPERATE A WINDOWS BASED COMPUTER.
There is no cost to local law enforcement agencies. DOJ and local Crime Laboratory employees who qualify for this class must pay $1,229 for registration and materials.
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Training officer Martin Balcazar at (916) 464-0460, FAX (916) 464-5818

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No classes are scheduled at this time.

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