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Available CJSC Printed Publications


Anti-Reproductive-Rights Crimes in California **
Concealable Firearms Charges in California **
Crime in California **
Crime in California, Advance Release **
Criminal Justice Profile - A Supplement to Crime in California (statewide and individual counties) **
Hate Crime in California **
Homicide in California **
Juvenille Justice in California **
Preliminary Report, Crime (January through June, January through September, and January through December) **


The California Experience in American Juvenile Justice: Some Historical Perspectives (December 1988)
Controlling Plea Bargaining in California (September 1985)
Coordinating Justice in California: "There ought to be a law about it" (December 1988)
Crime Control and the Criminal Career (December 1992)
The Development of California Drunk Driving Legislation (December 1988)
Employment and Crime (February 1989)
The Impact of California´s "Prior Felony Conviction" Law (September 1987)
The Origins and Development of Penalties for Drunk Drivers in California (August 1988)
A Policy Role for Focus Groups: Community Corrections (September 1991)
The Prevalence and Incidence of Arrests Among Adult Males in California (August 1988)
The Social Structure of Street Drug Dealing (December 1988)


Adult Felony Arrest Dispositions in California (1982-1984, 1986-1989)
Crime in Urban and Rural California (November 1984 and December 1997) **
Death in Custody, California (May 2005)**
Felony Drug Arrests in California, 1985 (December 1986)
Juvenile Justice in California, 1983 (June 1984)
Motor Vehicle Theft in California (December 1987)
Motor Vehicle Theft Recovery Data, 1983-1989 (October 1990)
Women in Crime: The Sentencing of Female Defendants (April 1988)


Adult Felony Arrest Dispositions in California (April 1992)
Concealable Firearms Charges in California (2000–2003) **
Crime in California and the United States, (1983, 1990, 2005) **
Effectiveness of Statutory Requirements for the Registration of Sex Offenders - A Report to the California State Legislature
Executive Summary of the Final Report - Blue Ribbon Commission on Inmate Population Management (January 1990)
The Juvenile Justice System in California An Overview (April 1989) Parolees Returned to Prison and the California Prison Population (January 1988)
Target Hardening: A Literature Review (October 1989)


Report on Arrests for Burglary in California, 1998 **
Report on Arrests for Domestic Violence in California, 1998 **
Report on Arrests for Driving Under the Influence in California, 1997 **
Report on Durg Arrests in California, From 1990 to 1999 (December 2000) **
Report on Juvenile Felony Arrests in California, 1998 (March 2000) **
Report on Violent Crimnes Committed Against Senior Citizens in California, 1998 **


Why Did the Crime Rate Decrease Through 1989? (And Why Might it Decrease or Increase in 2000 and Beyond?) (December 2000) **
Special Report to the Legislature on Senate Bill 780 (California Freedom of Access to Clinic and Church Entrances Act and Reproductive Rights Law Enforcement Act) (August 2003)
Special Report to the Legislature on Senate Bill 1608 (Felons and others with firearms)(July 2002)
Special Report to the Legislature on Senate Resolution 18 (Crimes Committed Against Homeless Persons) (October 2002) **


Conspicuous Depredation: Automobile Theft in Los Angeles, 1904 to 1987 (March 1990)
Controlling Felony Plea Bargaining in California: The Impact of the Victim´s Bill of Rights (1986)
Development of a White Collar Crime Index (December 1992)
Incapacitation Strategies and the Career Criminal (December 1992)
Measuring White Collar Crime in Depository Institutions (December 1993)
Prosecutors´ Reponse to Parental Child Stealing: A Statewide Study (April 1995)
Race & Delinquency in Los Angeles Juvenile Court, 1950 (December 1990)
Survey Report: "The Expansion of the Criminal Justice and Penal System in California - Is greater coordination required?" (December 1988)


California Criminal Justice Time Line, 1822-2000 (June 2001) **
Crime in California (April 2001) **
Gang Organization and Migration/Drugs, Gangs & Law Enforcement
Proceedings of the Attorney General´s Crime Conference 85 (September 1985)
Proceedings of Symposium 87: White Collar/Institutional Crime - Its Measurement and Analysis

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