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FAQs - Attorney General's Honors Program

  1. What are the compensation and benefits for program participants?

    • Participants who have not yet been admitted to the California bar will be hired into a limited-term position as a Graduate Legal Assistant (GLA), at a salary of $3870/month. Once admitted to the bar and upon successful completion of the Deputy Attorney General (DAG) exam, GLAs will be promoted in place to a permanent position as a Deputy Attorney General (DAG) and will serve a 12 month probationary period, at a salary of $4886/month. All participants will also receive a variety of benefits as described on the Compensation and Benefits page.
  2. In what office and which divisions will participants be placed?

    • Participants will work in the San Francisco office of the California Attorney General's Office. We will make every effort to place you according to your division preference, but availability of placements will depend on staffing needs. Honors Program applicants should be prepared to be flexible in their choices.
  3. Can I apply for placement in both the Attorney General's Honors Program and the Solicitor General Fellowship Program?

    • Yes, if you meet the eligibility criteria for both programs. Please check both boxes on the application and complete both essays.
  4. Will I receive a permanent position at the Attorney General's Office at the conclusion of the program?

    • The Attorney General's Honors Program and the Earl Warren Solicitor General Fellowship are two-year programs. Each participant must successfully pass the California bar exam, pass a fingerprint check, take the civil service exam and pass a probationary period in order to remain in the program and retain their position. Participants are eligible to apply to any open position in any division at the conclusion of the program.
  5. Can I rotate between divisions?

    • We expect that participants will remain in their selected division for the duration of the program, though they will have the opportunity to work on a variety of different matters and gain exposure to policy initiatives affecting all divisions.
  6. How do I submit my resume, transcript and other application materials?

    • You should send application materials via e-mail to aghonorsapps@doj.ca.gov. You should also include accompanying documents such as your resume and writing sample as attachments. Other documents that are not in electronic format, such as transcripts, should be scanned and attached as PDF files. Applications submitted by mail or fax will not be considered.
  7. How do I submit my letters of recommendation?

    • The required two letters of recommendation should be scanned and attached to your application. If any of your recommenders have concerns about this process, please direct them to contact aghonorsapps@doj.ca.gov
    • The letters of recommendation should be addressed to the "Honors Program Selection Committee."
  8. How will I know that my application was received?

    • You will receive an e-mail confirming receipt of your application by October 30, 2015.
  9. How and when will interviews be conducted? Will I be reimbursed for travel expenses?

    • In-person interviews will be conducted in November in San Francisco. Unfortunately, we are not able to pay for travel expenses. Telephonic or video interviews are also available in cases where travel poses a particular hardship.
  10. What if I accept a judicial clerkship after I have submitted my application?

    • Please e-mail aghonorsapps@doj.ca.gov to withdraw your application. We hope you will consider applying for a fellowship position the following year.
  11. What if I accept another position or change my mind about applying?
  12. If I am selected for a position, can I defer for a year?

    • Unfortunately we are not able to offer any deferrals. If you are still eligible in the next hiring cycle, we encourage you to apply again.
  13. Do I have to take the California bar exam?

    • Yes. Applicants must either be members of the California Bar, or must sit for the July 2016 bar exam. We encourage applicants to sit for the earliest possible California State Bar Exam.
  14. I'm taking the July 2016 bar exam and won't get my results until November. Will I still be able to do legal work in the first few months of the program, and what happens if I fail?

    • You will be able to work on substantive legal projects under the supervision of another attorney while you are awaiting your results. You will not be able to sign briefs or appear in court. Participants who do not pass the bar exam may be terminated from the program.
  15. Will I be reimbursed for bar exam fees?

    • The program does not cover bar-exam fees or the cost of any bar exam preparation courses.
  16. What is the California Civil Service Exam, and do I need to take it?

    • In order to be hired into any state civil service position, including the Attorney General's Honors Program, you are required to take a civil service exam. The civil service exam gauges your experience and educational credentials. You should consider all of your experience and education, in any capacity (student, volunteer, etc.), when completing the exam. Be honest, but not modest. Your exam will be scored and your name will be placed on a certification list. The certification list is ranked and you must score in a reachable rank (1-3) in order to be appointed to a position. You may access both the Deputy Attorney General (DAG) and Graduate Legal Assistant (GLA) exams at http://oag.ca.gov/careers/exams. You will have until May 29, 2016 to complete the GLA or DAG examinations. Participants who are admitted to the California bar as of May 29, 2016 will need to complete the DAG exam by May 29, 2016. Participants who have not been admitted to the California bar by May 29, 2016 will need to complete the GLA exam by May 29, 2016 and sit for the California bar examination in July 2016.
  17. Do I need to be a U.S. Citizen to apply?

    • No, but all applicants must be eligible to work in the United States. Upon employment, applicants must submit verification of their legal right to work in the United States.
  18. Do Veterans preferences or any other hiring preferences apply?

    • Veterans preference will apply to applicants to the Attorney General's Honors Program and the Earl Warren Solicitor General Fellowship when determining their rank on a civil service exam (see #16).
  19. Will Honors Program Attorneys be eligible for alternative work week schedules?

    • No. For the duration of the Honors Program, Honors Attorneys will not be eligible for alternative work week schedules.
  20. I still have questions, who should I contact?

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