Cannabis Administrative Prosecutor Program (CAPP)

DOJ’s Cannabis Administrative Prosecutor Program (CAPP) was established in 2023 and provides California cities and counties who partner with DOJ with legal support to address illegal cannabis activity through administrative enforcement and nuisance abatement. CAPP will provide vital support to local governments who sign on by:

  • Increasing the scope of illicit cannabis enforcement.
  • Providing resources and education to build enforcement programs.
  • Provide cost-effective evidence collection that could lead to large-scale, statewide prosecution of those involved in illegal cannabis activity.

This cooperative effort between the DOJ and local jurisdictions leverages the administrative enforcement powers of cities and counties and will supplement the important criminal and civil enforcement efforts being undertaken by the California DOJ’s Eradication and Prevention of Illicit Cannabis (EPIC) task force, as well as the California Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) and the Governor’s Unified Cannabis Enforcement Task Force, which is led by the DCC and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Through its Cannabis Control Section, DOJ will offer the following supports to CAPP participating jurisdictions:

  • Providing attorneys to act as administrative prosecutors before local administrative hearing bodies or officers and, where necessary, assist with the development of procedures for expedited administrative enforcement.
  • Assisting with investigative services through the EPIC program and its partnerships with other agencies.
  • If necessary, performing the administrative work necessary to provide notices, assist in facilitating administrative procedures, and assist with logistical issues through the use of private process servers, contract code compliance officers, and abatement contractor.

Local jurisdictions interested in learning more about the CAPP can contact the office at