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How to Participate in Rulemaking

Rulemaking is designed to give the public a meaningful opportunity to participate in drafting a regulation. A primary purpose of public comment is to allow interested persons to suggest ways of improving the proposed text. You can present your ideas in writing or at a public hearing. When the Department receives a public comment, it must explain how the regulation was changed to accommodate the comment, or why it is rejecting the comment.

Public comment is an important part of rulemaking. To adopt a final regulation, the Department must:

  • Post a draft of the regulations for public comment on its website, and send copies or website link to persons who have requested to be on its mailing list.
  • Review any public comments received and, if accepted, make revisions to the draft regulations incorporating the public comments.
  • If any changes are made, post another draft for more public comment, and send copies or website link to persons who have requested to be on its mailing list.
  • If no further changes are made, submit the final rulemaking record to the Office of Administrative Law for approval.
  • In the record, summarize and respond to each public comment.

A person who has submitted a comment regarding a proposed action has the right to request a copy of the final statement of reasons.

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