Protecting Consumers

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Help protect yourself and your loved ones from fraud. Check out our tips and topics to learn about common scams and other consumer issues.

Consumer Tips

Money, Credit, and Debt

Information about credit cards, loans, debt and debt collection, bank accounts, and other financial issues

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Housing and Vehicles

Information about landlord/tenant disputes, mortgages, auto dealers, and other common housing and car issues

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Sales Offers, Purchases, and Returns

Information about junk mail, sales offer scams, refunds, disputing charges, and other shopping-related issues

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People You Hire

Information about contractors, immigration consultants, and other people you may hire, and about checking a company’s background

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Commonly Targeted Groups

Information for immigrants, seniors, servicemembers, veterans, and students

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Common Scams

Information about financial scams, magazine scams, tax fraud scams, and other common scams

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