About Us - Legal Services Divisions

The department's lawyers take on the challenge to represent the people of the biggest and most diverse state in the nation to protect them from violent criminals, preserve the environment, maintain a fair marketplace, and, above all, preserve the rule of law. Attorneys within the department argue the legal merits of cases in the highest courts in the state and nation. As a result, many of the cases handled by our attorneys result in important legal precedents that interpret the law for California and the nation.

The department organizes its legal services into three main divisions. The Division of Civil Law provides legal services to many other statewide officers and for most state agencies. The Division of Criminal Law represents the people of California in criminal appeals and statewide prosecutions of certain crimes. The Public Rights Division handles litigation to preserve California's natural resources and protect Californians by enforcing safe environmental, consumer protection, antitrust, charitable trusts and civil rights laws.