Registration & Reporting

Links below to Registration and Reporting Forms used by the California Department of Justice.

Check Cashing Permits

Every owner of a check-cashing business in California is required by law to obtain a permit from the Attorney General's Office, California Department of Justice.


Persons holding property for charitable purposes, including nonprofit public benefit corporations, must register and file financial reports with the Attorney General's Registry of Charities and Fundraisers.

Credit Service Organizations

Any person who sells or provides services to improve a consumer's credit record, history or rating, which may include obtaining a loan or extension of credit for the consumer, is required to register with the Attorney General's Office. Excluded are banks and financial institutions otherwise regulated by government.

Data Broker Registration

California law requires a data broker, as that term is defined in California Civil Code s.1798.99.80, to register with the Attorney General on its internet website that is accessible to the public. The law mandates that a data broker shall pay a registration fee and provide information (such as name; primary physical, email, and internet website addresses), as well as any additional information or explanation the data broker chooses to provide concerning its data collection practices.

Fingerprint Roller Certification

California law requires any individual who rolls fingerprints manually or electronically for licensure, certification and/or employment purposes to be certified by the state Department of Justice.

Foreclosure Consultant Registration

By July 1, 2009, any person or company who performs or promises or offers to perform the services of a foreclosure consultant must register with the Attorney General’s Office, post a $100,000 bond and receive a Certificate of Registration from the AG’s Office or go out of business. A foreclosure consultant is one who, for compensation, promises to stop or postpone a foreclosure sale, save a home from foreclosure, or do anything else set forth in Civil Code Section 2945.1.

Gaming License

Applications and/or documents required for gaming activities in California used by the Attorney General's Division of Gambling Control and the California Gambling Control Commission.

International Student Exchange Placement Organizations

Anyone who regularly arranges the placement of foreign exchange students in California elementary, junior high and high schools must register with the Attorney General's Office prior to making the placement.

Proposition 65 Enforcement Reporting

State law requires any person suing "in the public interest" to enforce Proposition 65, the Safe Drinking and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, to notify the Attorney General of the lawsuit and outcome of the case.

Raffle Registration

Charities and certain other private nonprofit organizations must register with the Attorney General's Registry of Charities and Fundraisers prior to holding fund-raising raffles.

Security Prescription Printers

Printers seeking to produce tamper-resistant prescription forms for purchase by prescribers of controlled drugs in California must apply with the Department of Justice to be placed on the state's "approved printers" list.

Seller-Assisted Marketing Plans

Persons selling business opportunities for initial payments of $500 to $50,000 must register with the Attorney General's Office prior to advertising or sales, unless otherwise licensed or regulated.

Seller of Travel

All sellers of travel doing business in California must register with the Attorney General's Office and display the registration number in their advertising.

Telephonic Sellers

A seller soliciting business by telephone in California is required to register with the state.

Tobacco Product Registration

Tobacco manufacturers are required by law to enter brands into the California Tobacco Directory prior to sale in the state.