California Justice Information Services

The California Justice Information Services (CJIS) provides criminal justice intelligence, identification, information and technology services to law enforcement, regulatory agencies and the public. The Division includes six major organizational units as summarized below:

Bureau of Criminal Information and Analysis provides criminal data and identification services to the law enforcement community, applicant regulatory agencies and the public; maintains state summary criminal history information.

Bureau of Criminal Identification and Information Services provides information and technical assistance on information systems including wanted persons, stolen vehicles and violent offenders, as well as analysis of statistical data pertaining to the Criminal Justice System; and, maintains central files of missing and unidentified persons, sex and arson offender registrants and habitual sexual offenders.

Office of the Departmental Technology Services Bureau serves as the focal point for all IT projects within the DOJ; facilitates alignment of IT projects with strategic plans/initiatives; ensures projects are planned and executed from a departmental perspective in a consistent effective manner; ensures the security, availability, and oversight of the DOJ's information resources; and monitors and oversees the highest level of physical and electronic security on all of the department's hardware and software systems.

Application Development Bureau develops and supports the primary identification and information systems and computer applications that are used by the DOJ and LEAs. CJITSB provides and maintains law enforcement systems and services that fulfill DOJ's legislative responsibilities, thus adding value for the law enforcement community in California. The investigative systems include the Statewide Investigative Networking Systems (SINS), and Bureau of Investigation. The Bureau also provides reporting and testing support for all application developers.

Technology Services Bureau provides efficient, prompt, and courteous desktop and application support services to the Department's business units. These responsibilities include providing first level technical support to departmental employees statewide; installation and maintenance of all desktop hardware; development and maintenance of the departments Internet/Intranet, Forensic, and Consolidated Firearms Information Systems along with a number of Java applications for the department.

Operations Support Bureau provides policy and administrative direction to division programs; ensures compliance with state regulations for persons using Criminal Offender Record Information.

Research Center oversees statistical models and supporting techniques to inform and guide high-priority reforms for the Attorney General’s data-driven priorities. The Research Center works with academic researchers and other social and data scientists, conducts field studies, statistical analyses, and testing to engage in meaningful interpretation of data to provide reliable evidence-based research to support recommendations and conclusions; engages in ad-hoc studies relevant to the community and liaises with project owners to them in understanding their objectives; drafts special reports; and shares the findings with policy makers and the law enforcement community.