Criminal Intelligence for Executives

Course Description - This 16-hour course will provide law enforcement administrators with the most recent information available for maintaining an effective and trouble-free intelligence operations function.

Who Should Attend - This course is restricted to chief executive officers or their second in command.

Course Objectives - This course is a forum for law enforcement administrators to exchange information regarding the latest trends and legal requirements surrounding the criminal intelligence function. This course is designed specifically for those administrators who have the overall responsibility for directing a department to collect and maintain information on gangs, criminal extremist groups, terrorist organizations, and/or organized crime enterprises.

Course Outline

  • Establishing an Intelligence Function
  • Collection and Retention of Intelligence-Related Information
  • The Intelligence Function as a Management and Strategic Tool
  • Avoiding Common Pitfalls
  • Liabilities and Strategies
  • Organized Criminal Threats
  • Enhancing Department's Leadership Role

Additional Information - For further information contact the ATC at (916) 464-1200, and ask for the Program Training Officer or Secretary for this course.