Fundamental Manufacturing Processes

Class Code: 
Subject Area: 
E - Firearms and Impression Evidence Program
Class Location: 
BFS Laboratories with Video Conference Terminals
Class Description: 

This is a 15 to 20 hour video training series. Class is limited to students who can access BFS video conference terminals (BFS labs and CCI LA).

Teaching Methods: 
Video Series / Video conference discussion and supplemental presentations.
Students will view a series of manufacturing industry training videos and pass a short quiz on each subject.
No cost to POST supported or State of California based Law Enforcement agencies. A $300.00 tuition fee will be required of all other public agency, private sector, or out-of-state applicants.
Course Contact: 
CCI (916) 464-0600, FAX (916) 464-5818
More Information: 

This is a video conference which lasts a couple hours a week. Travel is not required.

Schedule of Classes:

No classes are scheduled at this time.

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