Identification of Building Materials

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M - Microscopy and Trace Program
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This five-day (38-hour) course will provide students with an understanding of forensic building materials analysis. The class will consist of a systematic analysis of building materials commonly encountered in microanalysis casework. The class will cover the composition of cement and concrete, fibrous and non-fibrous insulation products, wood, paper and composite materials, architectural paint extenders, plastics, adhesives, caulks, putties and glues. The particle characterization approach will be employed with emphasis in stereo-binocular microscopy and polarized light microscopy. The course is intended for criminalists whose assignments include the examination of trace evidence, firearms/toolmarks examination and crime scene response. Detailed instruction and practical exercise in particle characterization of building materials will make the course profitable for both the experienced and novice forensic materials analyst. Each class is limited to 12 students.

Bill Schneck, Microvision Northwest
Teaching Methods: 
Classroom lectures, Powerpoint presentations, video demonstrations, and practical workshops.
Students will be required to demonstrate their proficiency in practical and written tests.
Basic Practical Microscopy (M101) or its equivalent.
A pre-reading package may be assigned.
No cost to POST supported or State of California based Law Enforcement agencies. A $600.00 tuition fee will be required of all other public agency, private sector, or out-of-state applicants.
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Neda Khoshkebari (916) 464-5599, (916)464-0600
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No classes are scheduled at this time.

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