Kinship Analysis

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R - Biology / DNA Program
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CCI Richmond
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This five-day course concentrates on the application of statistics and analytical interpretations. A great portion of the course will involve classroom exercises on kinship calculations and using software tools in kinship casework examples. Case studies will also be examined, including mass victim identification projects such as the World Trade Center Disaster and Hurricane Katrina. Other lineage-specific DNA typing methods, such as Y-chromosome STRs and mitochondrial DNA, will also be discussed. Advanced topics and recent developments in kinship analysis will be presented.

Brian Harmon & Steven Myers
Teaching Methods: 
Lecture, discussion, and exercises
Through lectures and class exercises, this course will train forensic DNA analysts in kinship analysis.
R103 Population Genetics in Forensic DNA Analysis or consent of instructors
Pre-course reading material may be assigned
POST-certified; no cost to California public crime laboratory personnel. A $600.00 tuition fee is required for all other public agencies, private sector, or out of state applicants.
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Neda Khoshkebari (916) 464-5599, (916)464-0600

Schedule of Classes:

Location Date(s)
Richmond March 12-16, 2018
Richmond August 13-17, 2018