Presentation of DNA Evidence in Court

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A - Professional Communication and Conduct Program
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This 2-day (16-hour) course is intended for criminalists with prior training and qualifications in forensic DNA analysis, such as casework, missing persons, or data bank programs, who are or may be called to testify in court. The first day will have detailed presentations on the courtroom process followed by presentations on courtroom style and strategies. The second day will be dedicated to moot court exercises. Students will be asked to bring examples of their work that will be used to make direct and cross examinations relevant to their current analytical work. Each class is limited to 12 students.

Michael Chamberlain, California Department of Justice
Teaching Methods: 
Classroom lectures on Day 1. During Day 2, moot court for each student, consisting of a 15-20 minute moot court, followed by feedback and follow-up moot court. Students will be required to provide an updated CV and a laboratory report for training purposes.
Students will be required to demonstrate their proficiency in providing testimony in a moot court setting.
At least six months experience as a forensic or law enforcement specialist who might be called as a witness for the court.
Pre-course reading materials.
No cost to California public crime laboratory personnel. A $240.00 tuition fee is required for all other public agencies, private sector, or out of state applicants.
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Neda Khoshkebari (916) 464-5599, (916)464-0600
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No classes are scheduled at this time.

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