Attorney General Bonta Announces Judgment Against Orange County Company for Marketing and Sale of “Drinkable Sunscreen”

Wednesday, March 16, 2022
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OAKLAND – California Attorney General Rob Bonta today announced a stipulated judgment against UVO to resolve allegations of wrongdoing related to the marketing and sale of a “drinkable sunscreen” product. UVO claimed that its product, when ingested, would help protect against the sun’s harmful rays. This settlement, which is subject to court approval, arises out of a lengthy investigation by the Attorney General, working along with attorneys general from Texas and several other states, during which time, the company ceased the marketing and sale of this product. In addition to a monetary payment, today’s judgment includes strong injunctive terms to protect consumers from future misconduct, prohibiting UVO and any related entities from engaging in deceptive advertising, and other violations of California law.

“Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the United States with 4.3 million Americans being treated for it each year,” said Attorney General Bonta. “We know that one of the best ways to protect ourselves is to regularly apply sunscreen when we’re out in the sun. We may want a shortcut, but the truth of the matter is: There’s no evidence that alternative sunscreen products like UVO's so-called 'drinkable sunscreen' provide protection. You've got to wear your sunscreen, not drink it. Today's judgment should serve as a warning to anyone who thinks to deceive consumers and endanger their health: my office is watching, and we will hold you accountable." 

UVO is a small Irvine-based company that manufactured and marketed a product called “UVO sun protectant,” a mixture of vitamins and dietary supplements, that purported to be a drinkable form of sun protection. In advertising materials, UVO claimed that its product, when ingested, would protect against the sun’s harmful rays. For example, UVO claimed that its product provided “3-5 hours of sun protection from head to toe including your eyes,” that UVO “is the first drinkable supplement to provide sun protection,” and that “if you drink UVO you will have baseline protection that will help minimize the likelihood of burning even if you forget to use sunscreen.” 

Today’s judgment includes significant injunctive terms to deter future misconduct. UVO must provide written notice within 60 days of starting to market or sell any dietary supplement or item related to sun protection. UVO is also prohibited from future violations of California law and the types of deceptive advertising previously used by UVO to market its “drinkable sunscreen” products. 

A copy of the judgment, which is subject to court approval, is available here

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