Attorney General Lockyer Criticizes Effort to Recall Judge Who Upheld Domestic Partner Laws

Stresses Such Political Campaigns Endanger Independent Judiciary

Friday, November 12, 2004
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(SACRAMENTO) – Attorney General Bill Lockyer today condemned an effort by the Campaign for California Families to recall Sacramento County Superior Court Judge Loren McMaster. The group said it launched the recall campaign because McMaster upheld two laws which established specific legal rights for registered domestic partners. Lockyer issued the following statement:

"Our courts are not bound by the dictates of focus groups, or the latest Zogby, Gallup or Field poll. They are not required to conform to the views of any special interest group. They are supposed to interpret the law and the Constitution, based on legal principles and precedent, and render rulings accordingly.

"Our system of government cannot function the way our nation's founders intended if the courts are reduced to being political weathervanes. When a group threatens to recall one judge because they disagree with a ruling, they threaten all judges. They threaten the independence of the judiciary. They should be opposed, and they should be defeated."

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