Attorney General Xavier Becerra Files Amicus Brief in City and County of San Francisco v. Trump

Wednesday, March 29, 2017
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SACRAMENTO – Attorney General Xavier Becerra today filed a friend-of-the-court brief in the case City and County of San Francisco v. Trump, et al., supporting San Francisco in its challenge to President Donald J. Trump’s executive order targeting “sanctuary jurisdictions.” 

Like the County of Santa Clara, San Francisco challenges President Trump’s threats to withdraw federal funds from states and local jurisdictions that the Administration deems to be “sanctuary jurisdictions.” Attorney General Becerra’s brief highlights California’s interest in protecting state laws and policies that ensure public safety and protect the constitutional rights of residents.

“Threatening to take away resources from sheriffs and police officers in order to promote misguided views on federal immigration policy is reckless and puts public safety at risk,” said Attorney General Becerra. “It is the right and responsibility of California and each state under the Constitution to determine how it will provide for the safety and general welfare of its residents and to safeguard their constitutional rights. We will not be intimidated or coerced into compromising our state values on account of the Trump Administration’s fear mongering and falsehoods.”

Last week, Attorney General Becerra filed a similar brief in the County of Santa Clara’s challenge to Trump’s Executive Order.  Previously, he worked to protect the rights of Californians by joining as a plaintiff in one of the suits challenging President Trump’s Muslim travel ban. Attorney General Becerra also joined an amicus brief along with several states in the State of Hawaiʿi’s challenge to the revised version of the Muslim travel ban. In that case, a federal District Court halted the implementation of the travel ban before it could go into effect.

A copy of the brief filed in the San Francisco case is attached to the electronic version of this release at

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