Attorney General Xavier Becerra Issues Statement on President Donald Trump Signing Executive Orders Regarding Immigration

Wednesday, January 25, 2017
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SACRAMENTO - Attorney General Xavier Becerra issued the following statement, in response to President Donald Trump signing executive orders regarding border security, sanctuary jurisdictions and immigration enforcement:

"It is important to put these White House executive actions in context. 

Executive orders do not change existing law. Executive orders cannot contradict existing law. And Executive orders can be challenged for violating constitutional and legal standards in their enforcement. 

The California Department of Justice (DOJ) is prepared to protect the public safety and general welfare of all Californians as well as their privacy and property rights. These are rights and protections which have survived numerous legal challenges over time. And they are grounded on our federal and state constitutions not on an executive pronouncement. 

The California DOJ will protect the rights of all of its people from unwarranted intrusion from any source, including the federal government. In California, we want to foster trust between law enforcement authorities and the communities they are obliged to protect. That's why California enacted the TRUST and TRUTH acts to guide our men and women in uniform on the proper execution of their public safety duties. 

California is prepared to work with our federal government to enhance the safety and well-being of all our people. We will work with our sister states to achieve mutual goals of respect and cooperation with the federal government. And we will remain ready to advance and defend California's policies wherever and whenever necessary." 

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