Attorney General Xavier Becerra Marks 100 Days in Office

Wednesday, May 3, 2017
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DOJ Standing Up for All Californians, Strengthening Public Safety, Defending the Right to Health Care and Protecting the Environment

SACRAMENTO – On his 100th day in office, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra today highlighted how the Department of Justice (DOJ) is confronting the unique challenges of the past three months and laid out his vision to keep California moving forward.

On January 10, in his confirmation hearing, Attorney General Becerra assured Californians:

“Our state has the law, the grit and the guts to fight for hardworking families. So long as we are abiding by our federal and state constitutions and working together as forward-leaning leaders, the sky's the limit and no wind can knock us down." 

Since then, Attorney General Becerra has met with and listened to Californians across the state.

“These first three months were a chance to prove to Californians that we’re not turning back,” said Attorney General Becerra. “You don’t become the world’s sixth largest economy by sitting back. Our work standing up for all Californians is just beginning, and we will continue to protect our state’s values at every turn. I want every Californian to know, I’ve got your back.”

Attorney General Becerra is standing up for hard-working Californians. He’s focused on protecting the rights of all Californians who face unfair treatment, whatever the threat. He is standing up for veterans, going to court to recover hundreds of thousands of dollars from California charities deceptively claiming to support veterans. He is defending LGBTQ people, protecting taxpayer dollars from being spent in states that discriminate against them. And he has successfully challenged the Trump Administration’s constitutional overreach.

Attorney General Becerra’s number one priority is ensuring California’s neighborhoods are safe. His first meeting was with police and district attorneys from throughout our state. He has continued to strengthen that relationship, securing resources to collect the fingerprints and DNA evidence that local law enforcements count on to prosecute criminals.

Attorney General Becerra believes health care is a right and will defend Californians’ access to quality care. He joined a federal antitrust lawsuit charging six generic drug-makers with an illegal conspiracy to increase prices for generic drugs. He is defending in court a woman’s right to reproductive health.

California businesses are creating new ways to generate clean energy, developing the next generation of energy efficient products, and running companies that are both profitable and sustainable. Attorney General Becerra is ready to fight alongside these innovators to ensure California continues to lead the way. He is protecting clean air by challenging the federal rollback of standards of polluting vehicles. He is defending the historic Clean Power Plan abandoned by the Trump Administration.

"It’s been a dynamic 100 days, to say the least. But, we’ve proven that if you hold true to your values, then there’s no need to look back. I want all Californians to know that we should shoot for the sky and know: I’ve got your back!”

The full list of key Department of Justice actions over the last 100 days is attached to the electronic version of this release at

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