Friday, May 18, 2007
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SAN DIEGO -- California Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr. today presented awards to law enforcement officials and citizens in the San Diego and Inland Empire regions as part of the Attorney General's Awards Program 'to officially recognize the peace officers and citizens who perform heroic acts in support of law enforcement and crime prevention.' Brown said it is 'extremely important' to publicly recognize the positive efforts and heroic actions of local and state law enforcement officers and citizens.

Brown said: “Some of these men and women risked their lives in the line of duty and others committed acts of bravery under emergency conditions. Everyone recognized today has performed meritorious service to the community and it is extremely important that we honor them.”

Brown presented awards including: Peace Officer Certificate of Valor, Peace Officer Certificate of Commendation and Citizen Certificate of Commendation as well as Attorney General's Awards for: Excellence, Excellence in Outreach Achievement, Excellence in Supervision and Sustained Superior Accomplishment.

Award nominations are made by the chief law enforcement officer of the jurisdiction where the service or act of heroism occurred. Certificates of Valor are presented to peace officers or citizens whose heroic actions extend beyond the call of duty and result in a risk of life. Certificates of Commendation are presented to peace officers or citizens whose brave acts were committed during emergency conditions, involved saving of a life, or reflected an exemplary job performance beyond the normal call of duty. Certificates of Appreciation are presented for 'outstanding and meritorious service to the community in support of law enforcement and crime prevention' including a major accomplishment that impacts law enforcement or a media entity that provides extensive coverage or participation in crime prevention programs.

The list of Zone VI (San Diego) award recipients is attached.

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