Compensation and Benefits

The Department of Justice employees are members of the state civil service. Their appointment and subsequent advancement is governed by state law. Compensation is determined by negotiations between an employee organization elected by employees and representatives of the Governor.

All civil service classes have salary ranges with minimum and maximum rates. Typically, employees are appointed to the minimum rate of the salary range for the class. Special provisions for appointments above the minimum exist to meet special recruitment needs and to accommodate employees who transfer into a class from another civil service class and are already receiving salaries above the minimum. After each 12 months of satisfactory performance, employees receive a 5 percent merit salary adjustment (MSA) until they reach the maximum salary for the class.

For career development, in addition to opportunities within the Department, movement between state agencies is permissible on a lateral basis.

Following is a partial list of employee benefits which State civil service employees may be eligible to receive upon appointment. An employee contribution is required for some benefits.


Group Term Life Insurance
Nonindustrial Disability Insurance (NDI)
Long Term Disability Insurance
CalPERS Long Term Care Insurance


Sick Leave
Annual Leave
Industrial Disability Leave
Pregnancy Disability Leave
Leave of Absence
Bereavement Leave
Military Leave
Catastrophic Leave
Family School Partnership Leave
Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)


Public Employees' Retirement Systems
Savings Plus Program (Deferred Compensation)


State Holidays
Personal Holiday


Direct Deposit
Group Legal Services Plan
Employment Assistance Program
Day Care (certain locations)
Mentoring Program
Employee Recognition Program
In/Out Service Training
Off/On Site College Courses