Division of Operations

The mission of the Division of Operations is to provide assistance and support services to the department’s line programs as well as legal support services. The division ensures that the department complies with federal and state laws, rules, and regulations for all administrative functions. If you have questions, please contact us via email OPSChiefsOffice@doj.ca.gov.

The division includes the following organizational units:

Statewide Operational Services Unit houses the Director’s Office and provides various departmental services in support of conference services, regulations, asset management, records management, public information inquiries and legislatively mandated reports. This Unit also provides division-level technical and analytical support in the areas of training, personnel, and saftey.

Office of Human Resources provides consultation and support in the areas of hiring, promoting, disciplining, and separating employees; labor relations; health and safety and workers’ compensation; and, the processing of payroll and benefits for all employees.

Budget Office prepares the department’s annual budget and other financial documents, as well as provides technical assistance to program managers in carrying out the department’s spending plan, including developing the baseline budget and budget change proposals.

Accounting Office performs all accounting functions for the department including: processing invoices, travel and other claims; deposits revenues; produces necessary financial reports; legal time reporting; and maintains the department’s automated Accounting Information System.

Contracts Unit provides technical and analytical support in contracts used by the department including but not limited to expert witnesses, outside attorney services, law enforcement training, forensic services, and maintenance or repair of equipment.

Purchasing Unit oversees the order and purchase of goods needed to fulfill the department’s mission including but not limited to law enforcement equipment, undercover vehicles, office equipment, furniture and supplies.

Facilities Planning and Management Unit plans, acquires and manages the facility building and space inventory for the Department. This is accomplished by coordinating with the Bureaus, Sections and Units to deliver the program’s various facility projects and space needs, by acting as the project management team that will liaison with the Department of General Services and other control agencies to deliver projects efficiently and in compliance with all laws, rules, codes and regulations.

Telecommunications Unit provides technical support, system design, installation, and training of telecommunications systems and services owned by the Department. This Unit also provides expertise in state telecommunications policy, new service offerings, and current procedures and policy developments pertaining to the telecommunications industry.

Case Management Section is responsible for the case management and time keeping application, ProLaw. This section provides technical and application support for those who use the system and provide training to new and existing users.

Litigation Support provides support to attorneys and other legal staff in development and presentation of cases and evidence organization.

Legal Support Operations supports the operations of the six law offices of the Attorney General, provides a broad array of administrative, office, clerical and legal secretarial support services, maintains the case docket system, central files, and provides reproduction, mail/overnight courier, and Notary Public services. This section also maintains six full-service law libraries in the legal offices, provides reference and research, compiles legislative histories, conducts and coordinates training for Lexis and Westlaw, arranges for inter-library loans, and orders required publications for the legal divisions.

Office of Professional Development is responsible for offering courses for all employees in the area of technical, computer-based and soft skill training.

Central Services provides mailing and warehouse services to various DOJ facilities in Sacramento and buys and ships supplies statewide. The section also administers and staffs a document archive warehouse that provides on-demand storage.