Earl Warren Solicitor General Fellowship

Each year, one applicant is selected to serve in a limited term assignment as an Earl Warren Fellow in the California Office of the Solicitor General (OSG). The Solicitor General is responsible for ensuring the excellence of the Attorney General’s appellate practice. OSG serves as a clearinghouse for appeals handled by the Department; provides appellate advice to all divisions within the Department; prepares or oversees the preparation of briefs, petitions, and other papers filed in appellate courts, including the U.S. and California Supreme Courts; and argues selected appeals in federal and state courts. The Earl Warren Fellow participates in and supports OSG’s full range of operations, and works with other attorneys in OSG and the Department on a wide variety of civil and criminal cases involving significant constitutional, statutory, and policy questions, often under tight deadlines. Duties include researching and advising on complex or novel legal issues; assisting with the review and preparation of recommendations for action in appellate matters, including filing or joining amicus curiae briefs in significant cases; handling or assisting with the drafting and reviewing of briefs and other court papers and with preparation for oral argument, including participating in moot courts; and assisting with the development and implementation of best practices for appellate litigation. We expect that a Warren Fellow will have the opportunity to argue at least one appeal in a state or federal court.

For the 2022-2024 Program, the deadline to submit your application package is October 25, 2021.