External Resources

Where Can I Get Additional Help and Information?

This page contains information from the Victims Frequently Asked Questions section.

The following websites provide additional resources for victims of cyber exploitation, including information on legal services, public policy, and advocacy campaigns:

CA Attorney General’s Cyber Exploitation Website
Online resource hub with a range of tools for victims, the technology industry, and law enforcement to combat cyber exploitation. www.oag.ca.gov/cyberexploitation

Cyber Civil Rights Initiative
A non-profit organization that combats online harassment and abuse. Provides support, referrals and technical advice through 24-hour Crisis Helpline.
844-879-CCRI (2274) www.cybercivilrights.org

End Revenge Porn
Website that provides advocacy and support for female and male victims of cyber exploitation.

K&L Gates Cyber Civil Rights Legal Project
Founded by K&L Gates, the Cyber Civil Rights Legal Project offers legal assistance to victims of cyber exploitation on a pro bono basis. Spanish-speaking staff is available.

National Network to End Domestic Violence/ Safety New Project
Overview on options for victims of cyber exploitation and legal recourses.

The Victims of Crime Resource Center at McGeorge School of Law
Assists victims of cyber exploitation by providing free and confidential information about their legal rights, remedies, and community-based assistance.
1-800-VICTIMS (842-8467); chat live at www.1800victims.org

Without My Consent
Website that offers resources for both cyber exploitation victims and the attorneys that represent them.

Women Against Revenge Porn
Website offers practical tips for removal and a directory of attorneys.