Data Broker Registration for Taboola, Inc.

Data Broker Name: 
Taboola, Inc.
Email Address (Accessible to the public): 
privacy [at]
Physical Address: 
16 Madison Square West, 7th Floor
New York, NY 10010
United States
How a consumer may opt out of sale or submit requests under the CCPA: 
California consumers may opt out of Taboola’s disclosures and sales of personal information via Taboola’s California Consumer Rights Portal, which is available at Please note that this feature is currently only available for California state residents. Individuals that do not reside in California may visit Taboola's Data Subject Access Request Portal, which is available at
How a protected individual can demand deletion of information posted online under Gov. Code sections 6208.1(b) or 6254.21(c)(1): 
California consumers may request that Taboola delete any personal information that we hold about you via Taboola's Data Subject Access Request Portal, which is available at
Additional information about data collecting practices: 
Taboola provides consumers with personalized content and advertisements across thousands of global digital properties. To do so, Taboola maintains pseudonymous data about consumers, which means that we do not know the consumer’s identity because we do not process names, email address, or other identifiable data. Instead, we only process digital identifiers such as cookie IDs, IP addresses, and mobile advertising IDs from the consumer's device (for a full list of the pseudonymized data that we process, please see Taboola's Privacy Policy, available at Taboola may disclose or make available consumers' pseudonymous data to our trusted partners. In most cases when we do so, we have contractually restricted their uses of this data for only Taboola’s business purposes. Under the CCPA, such disclosures of Personal Information to service providers are not deemed to be a “sale” and thus are not prohibited after a consumer exercises his or her right to cease or restrict disclosures or sales of data. In any instances where we have not entered into a service provider relationship with a third party company, we will stop sharing the consumer's data when instructed to not “sell” the personal information.
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