Data Broker Registration for DT Client Services, LLC

Data Broker Name: 
DT Client Services, LLC
Email Address (Accessible to the public): 
info [at]
Physical Address: 
1101 14th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20005
United States
How a consumer may opt out of sale or submit requests under the CCPA: 
California residents may opt out of the sale of their personal information by submitting a request through our web form, available at California residents also may submit requests under the CCPA by e-mail, telephone, and as described in our Privacy Notice, which is available at .
How a protected individual can demand deletion of information posted online under Gov. Code sections 6208.1(b) or 6254.21(c)(1): 
We do not publicly post personal information online. For more information about our personal information practices, please refer to our Privacy Notice, available at .
Additional information about data collecting practices: 
Our Privacy Notice describes the types of personal information we collect, how we use the personal information, with whom it is shared, and the choices that may be available to individuals. Our Privacy Notice is available at .
Date Approved: