Data Broker Registration for Unacast, Inc.

Data Broker Name: 
Unacast, Inc.
Email Address (Accessible to the public): 
privacy [at]
Physical Address: 
245 Fifth Avenue
Suite 1101
New York, NY 10016
United States
How a consumer may opt out of sale or submit requests under the CCPA: 
Consumers may make use of a webform maintained on the Unacast website at Requests to know, delete, and opt-out may be submitted through this webform per the consumer's designation. Consumers may also submit general privacy requests to
How a protected individual can demand deletion of information posted online under Gov. Code sections 6208.1(b) or 6254.21(c)(1): 
Unacast does not maintain or provide to its clients the home address, telephone number, or image of any individual. However, deletion requests may generally be submitted by any individual to or in writing to: Unacast, Inc. 245 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1101 New York, NY 10016.
Additional information about data collecting practices: 
Unacast's full data collection, use, and disclosure practices are described in detail in its online privacy policy, available at:
Date Approved: