Vendors of Electronic Recording Delivery System Software

The ERDS Program has the responsibility for oversight and regulation of an ERDS. All individuals serving as Vendors of ERDS software shall be certified by the ERDS Program prior to entering into contract with County Recorders for the development of an ERDS, pursuant to the California Code of Regulations, Title 11, Division 1, Chapter 18, Articles 1-9.

A Vendor is defined as, a person and personnel, supporting and/or acting on behalf of the certified Vendor of ERDS Software who sells, leases, or grants use of, with or without compensation therefore, a software program for use by counties for establishing an ERDS.

Through this web page County Recorders have access to centralized contact information about certified Vendors of ERDS software, pdf. County Recorders are required to verify, prior to entering into a contract with a Vendor of ERDS software, that the vendor has a valid ERDS certification issued by the ERDS Program. Special Note: In addition, at the time a Vendor of ERDS Software enters into a contract with a County Recorder, the Vendor shall provide to the County Recorder proof of fingerprint submission and a state and federal criminal record clearance from the ERDS Program, for all vendor employee(s) and/or vendor contract employee(s) designated to work on an ERDS development and/or implementation.

Note: The information on this page is limited to the public information available: the certified Vendor name and contact information.