Attorney General Bonta Releases State of Pride Report in Honor of LGBTQ+ Pride Month

Thursday, June 20, 2024
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State of Pride Report highlights DOJ’s actions to defend and expand civil rights of the LGBTQ+ community in spite of ongoing threats to justice and equality, includes new LGBTQ+ hate crimes data 

OAKLAND — Today, in honor of LGBTQ+ Pride month, California Attorney General Rob Bonta issued a new “State of Pride Report” highlighting the California Department of Justice’s (DOJ) recent actions to support, uplift, and defend the rights of LGBTQ+ communities across California and beyond. Pride Month is a time to celebrate the beautiful strength and diversity of LGBTQ+ communities, as well as to reflect on the struggles, sacrifices, and historic accomplishments of the LBGTQ+ civil rights movement. Despite the immense progress that has been achieved, more work remains to be done. Amidst alarming and increasing attacks on LGBTQ+ communities — from far-reaching book bans to states across the nation pushing discriminatory policies — DOJ remains steadfast in its commitment to fight alongside LGBTQ+ communities in pursuit of justice and equality.

“I stand in solidarity with our LGBTQ+ community this Pride Month and every month. Regardless of how you identify or who you love, everyone deserves to be safe, healthy, prosperous, and celebrated for who they are,” said Attorney General Bonta. “Today’s report shows the California Department of Justice’s continued commitment to defending, expanding, and advancing LGBTQ+ rights. It also highlights the work that remains to be done to ensure equality and promote the rights and well-being of LGTBQ+ individuals and their communities. As the People’s Attorney, I’m proud to celebrate the beautiful diversity of our LGBTQ+ communities and recommit to fighting alongside them.”

Key data points in the State of Pride Report depict the reality of hate crimes and discrimination against LGBTQ+ individuals: 

  • In 2023, 2.8 million people in this state identified as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender — the largest number of any state in the nation at 9.5%.
  • Data reported to DOJ in 2023 shows that between 2022 and 2023, there were 405 reported hate crime events motivated by sexual orientation bias (an increase of 4.1% from the previous year), 76 hate crime events motivated by anti-transgender or anti-gender-nonconforming bias (an increase of 7.04% from the previous year), and 151 hate crime events motivated by anti-LGBTQ+ bias (an increase of 86.4% from the previous year).
  • In 2023 alone, more than 500 anti-LGBTQ+ bills were introduced in U.S. state legislatures — a record-breaking number, and nearly three times higher than the count from 2022, which was the previous record.
  • The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s most recent annual crime report showed a nearly 14% increase in reports of hate crimes nationally based on sexual orientation and a nearly 33% increase in reports of hate crimes nationwide based on gender identity.
  • In 2023, a total of 21 bills requiring forced outing in schools by teachers and school staff were introduced in state legislatures across the U.S., and so far in 2024, 59 such bills have already been introduced in multiple states.

The State of Pride Report presents detailed insights into DOJ’s latest initiatives to confront hate crimes and discrimination against LGBTQ+ individuals. The report emphasizes the importance of the Attorney General’s Hate Crime Rapid Response Protocol, which equips local law enforcement with the essential resources to efficiently handle significant hate crimes and extremism. Furthermore, DOJ is committed to combating discrimination in classrooms, sports, healthcare, and public spaces. The report focuses on DOJ’s work to cultivate safe environments for LGBTQ+ students free from bullying, enable transgender athletes to participate in sports aligned with their gender identity, offer LGBTQ+ individuals access to gender-affirming healthcare, and advocate for inclusive public business accommodations, irrespective of sexual orientation or gender identity.

The State of Pride Report also underscores the ongoing adversities LGBTQ+ individuals face in California and nationwide. Despite considerable progress, many LGBTQ+ individuals still experience discrimination, harassment, and violence in their daily lives. Transgender individuals are especially vulnerable, facing high rates of poverty, unemployment, and homelessness. These challenges demonstrate the need for ongoing protective efforts to uphold and expand LGBTQ+ individuals’ rights, enable all individuals to live free from discrimination and violence, and collaborate toward creating a more just and inclusive society.

Attorney General Bonta is committed to defending the rights of the LGBTQ+ community. On August 28, 2023, he announced a lawsuit to immediately halt the enforcement of the Chino Valley Unified School District Board of Education’s (Board) mandatory gender identity disclosure policy and, on October 19, 2023, he secured a preliminary injunction enjoining the policy. Attorney General Bonta subsequently filed a motion for final judgment to ensure that the Board does not reenact or implement their forced outing policy. Earlier this year, he issued two legal alerts addressed to all California county, school district, and charter school boards and superintendents: one warning them against forced gender identity disclosure policies, and the other emphasizing their obligation to provide inclusive curricula, instructional materials, and books that reflect the roles and contributions of California’s diverse population. He also commended a district court’s decision upholding a state law that provides legal protections for families who come to California to obtain gender-affirming care that is inaccessible where they live, as well as doctors and staff providing such care in California.

The State of Pride Report can be accessed here. For additional information on hate crimes please visit here.


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