Residential Foreclosure Sales to Eligible Bidders

California Civil Code section 2924m requires that for foreclosure sales of real property containing one to four residential units where the winning bidder is an eligible bidder, as defined in that statute, the trustee or an authorized agent must electronically send the following information to the Office of the Attorney General within 15 days of the sale being deemed final.

If you are a trustee or authorized agent, please use this submission form. You must complete all the information below to submit the form.

This form is only for use by trustees and their authorized agents. If you are a consumer who wishes to file a complaint, please use our online complaint form.

This submission is required by Civil Code section 2924m(i).

For a summary of information contained in reports submitted to the Attorney General’s Office, please see Reported Residential Foreclosure Sales to Eligible Bidders.

Trustee Sale
Winning Bidder
Property Address
Category to which Eligible Bidder Belongs
Trustee's Deed
Civil Code section 2924m(i)(4) requires a copy of the trustee’s deed, as recorded, including the attached affidavit or declaration of the winning bidder.
More information
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  • Allowed file types: pdf.
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