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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the permit?

Permits are $50 per store, payable to the Live Scan site provider.

I cannot down load the application, how can I obtain an application?

You may contact the Check Casher Program at:

Department of Justice
Check Casher Permit Program
P.O. Box 903387
Sacramento, CA 94203-3870

Phone: (916) 210-4103
Email: chkcashpermit@doj.ca.gov

How long does it take to process my application?

The Department of Justice has 120 days to process the application from the date the Live Scan was received.

Do I need to have a check casher’s permit if I do not charge customers a fee to cash their check?

Please refer to the U.S. Department of the Treasury, Financial Crimes Enforcement Network's Money Services Businesses (MSB) quick reference guide for in-depth information relative to MSB requirements and definitions at: fincen.gov.

Does the permit get renewed?

Yes. Annually from the date your permit was issued at a fee of $50.00 per store. A renewal notification will be mailed to you (approximately 60 days) prior to your expiration date. It is your responsibility to notify the DOJ if your mailing address has changed.

I have a permit with the Check Casher Permit Program and want to sell my store. Is this permit transferable?

No, the permit is not transferable or assignable. The new owner must apply for his or her own permit.

Where can I find out how to register as a Money Services Business (MSB)?

To find out how to register as a MSB, please refer to the MSB web site at: fincen.gov

What is a Request for Live Scan Service form BCIA 8016?

You will need to complete one of the BCIA 8016 forms in order to have your fingerprint background check done. Once the form is completed (the last three boxes will be filled out by the Live Scan operator), you will need 3 copies. One is given to the operator who processes your fingerprints, a copy is sent to the Department of Justice along with your application, and you keep a copy for your records.

Where do I go to have the Request for Live Scan Service form processed?

To find out where to have this process done, access our website to find Public Live Scan Sites through out California, or call your local law enforcement agency. Send a completed form back to DOJ with your application. Keep a form for your records. The fee for this process is charged to you up front and can vary, depending on where you go.

Who should be listed on the application and who needs to have their background check done?

Please read the Information and Instructions, pdf in Part A. to determine who should be listed on the application and who needs to have their background checked.

I have a limited liability corporation (LLC) or a corporation. what type of documentation do I need to send with my application?

If you have a General Partnership with three or more partners you must submit a copy of the written partnership agreement. In addition, if the written partnership agreement is vague, a notarized letter from the partners, under penalty of perjury listing the officers will be required.

If you are an LLC you must submit a copy of your statement of information, endorsed and stamped with the state seal (filed with Secretary of State).

If you are a Corporation you must submit a copy of your statement of information, endorsed and stamped with the state seal (filed with Secretary of State).

*If there is any question about the identity of applicants as owners or employees, additional documentation may be requested to verify the owners and/or officers listed on the application, such as minutes of a meeting.

The Secretary of State phone number is (916) 653-3448, their website address is SOS.ca.gov under California Business Portal.

I want to have a check cashing business at my residence, is this allowed?

No, the DOJ does not issue check casher permits at a residence. However, you may have a mobile permit. You need to download the mobile permit "Supplemental Application for Mobile Check Cashing Unit form BCIA 4000," along with your check casher application BCIA 4130 and submit both applications.

I am located outside California and need to have a background check done. How do I go about this?

You will need to request the appropriate forms from the Check Cashers Unit. You may contact them via e-mail at chkcashpermit@doj.ca.gov. Once you have been fingerprinted, you may forward the forms along with the fingerprints to the Department of Justice for processing.

I am located outside California, how much is it to have a hard copy fingerprint card processed?


I have already had a background for other permits such as my ABC license or my Lottery license, will I still need to have a background check done for a Check Casher Permit?

Yes. You still need to have a background check done for the Check Casher Permit.

I have an existing Check Casher Permit. What do I need to do to add another store to my business?

Submit a new application and $50.00 with a letter explaining that you want to add a new store to your business. All partners or officers must remain the same as your original application.

How can I find out if my city has a moratorium on check cashing?

A city may have a moratorium on check cashing and it is the applicant’s responsibility to contact the city, planning division or department that issues business permits to find out if the check casher permit may be issued.

How do I obtain a list of all active check cashers in California?

You must provide an e-mail address in order to send you the requested list. You may mail your request specifying the type of list you want to:

Attorney General's Office
California Department of Justice
Check Casher Permit Program
P.O. Box 903387
Sacramento, CA 94203-3870

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