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FAQs about Corinthian Colleges (Heald, Everest, and WyoTech Campuses)

Updated: 3/25/16

  1. What is Corinthian Colleges?

    Corinthian Colleges is a for-profit company offering postsecondary education through its Heald, Everest, and WyoTech schools.

    Heald College had campuses in San Francisco, Concord, Hayward, San Jose/Milpitas, Salinas, Rancho Cordova, Fresno, Stockton, Modesto/Salida, and Roseville. Everest College had campuses in: San Bernardino, Santa Ana, Alhambra, Reseda, Gardena, City of Industry, Ontario, Ontario Metro, Torrance, Anaheim, and Los Angeles. WyoTech had campuses in Long Beach and Fremont. Everest Online enrolled students statewide.

    Together, these schools previously enrolled tens of thousands of Californians.

    CCI locations in California
  2. I heard that the U. S. Department of Education made an announcement regarding relief for Corinthian students. How does this affect me?

    The Department of Education and the Office of Attorney General Kamala D. Harris jointly investigated Corinthian Colleges and found that between 2010 and 2014, Heald, WyoTech, and Everest Colleges misrepresented job placement rates for many programs of study.  Students enrolled in these programs of study during the covered time periods are eligible for a “borrower defense to repayment” and can apply for an expedited discharge of their federal Direct Loans through a simple attestation form. More information on this announcement can be found at:  https://studentaid.ed.gov/sa/about/announcements/corinthian.

    Additionally, you should continue checking our website at: www.oag.ca.gov/Corinthian. We will continue to post updates and information for students affected by the Corinthian closures.

  3. Why did the Attorney General sue Corinthian?

    The Attorney General’s lawsuit alleged that Corinthian violated consumer protection and securities laws. For example, Corinthian misrepresented job placement rates to students and investors, advertised for programs that it did not offer, and subjected students to unlawful debt collection practices. The Attorney General filed the lawsuit in October 2013.. To learn more about the complaint, you can visit the Attorney General’s Press Release.

    To download a copy of the most recent complaint, you can visit First Amended Complaint.

  4. What is the latest update on the Attorney General’s lawsuit against Corinthian?

    On March 23, 2016, the Attorney General obtained a $1.1 billion judgment against Corinthian Colleges for their predatory and unlawful practices. The Court found that Corinthian Colleges misled students with misleading job placement rates, ran ads stating that they offered programs that they did not actually offer, unlawfully used official military seals, and misrepresented the transferability of Corinthian Colleges credits to students, among other findings. Read the Attorney General’s press release for more information.

  5. I am a former Corinthian Colleges student, how does this judgment affect me?

    It is unclear how this judgment will affect Corinthian Colleges students. Corinthian Colleges filed for bankruptcy in May 2015. The Attorney General is exploring recovery options based on this judgment as she remains committed to protecting vulnerable students.

  6. I heard that Corinthian sold or closed all of its campuses. How did those events affect the lawsuit?

    There was no immediate impact. The Attorney General remained committed to holding Corinthian Colleges accountable for its unlawful behavior, including the fraudulent misrepresentations it made to California students.

  7. Do I have an individual claim against Corinthian Colleges?

    Our office cannot give you legal advice or represent you. If you believe that you might have a claim against Corinthian Colleges, you might consider contacting an attorney to explore your options. For referral to a lawyer, you may contact the State Bar at (866) 442-2529 (toll-free in California) or (415) 538-2250 (from outside California), or through its website at: http://www.calbar.ca.gov. If you cannot afford to pay an attorney, you may consider contacting your local legal aid office. For a referral, visit http://www.lsc.gov and click on the Find Legal Assistance tab, or go to http://lawhelpca.org.

  8. I am a current or former student of one of the Corinthian Colleges (Everest, Heald, WyoTech). How does the sale or closure affect me?

    Again, the Attorney General is committed to helping victims get the relief they deserve. Current and former Corinthian students have rights under the law, including, for some, the right to get their money back.

    To help students find out more about their rights and how to protect them, the Attorney General has created the following tool. Use the tool to learn about your rights and how to apply for relief, along with people nearby who can help you in person.

    Access Corinthian Tool

    You can find updated information and additional resources at: https://oag.ca.gov/consumers/general/corinthian-colleges

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