Registry of International Student Exchange Visitor Placement Organizations (ISEVPO)

Updated: February 12, 2018

Alphabetical list of organizations:

1 Dream Education, Inc.
Abroad & Future, Inc.
Academic Foundation for International Cultural Exchange
Ace International Education Corporation
American Cultural Exchange Service
American Education Federation, Inc.
American Home Life International, Inc.
American International Academy Inc.
American Secondary Schools for International Students and Teachers, Inc.
American Student Services
Amerigo Education LLC
Ameristudent, LLC
AMUSA Global Education, Inc.
Artists Exchange Group, Inc.
Aspect Foundation, Incorporated
ASSE International, Inc.
AYUSA International
Bridge International Consulting, Inc.
Bright Star Educational Services
Chainlong, Inc.
Council for Educational Travel United States of America
Council on International Educational Exchange, Inc.
Cultural Homestay International
Day Shine USA Inc.
Dreammax Education, Inc.
Edu-icare, Inc.
Education Travel & Culture, Inc.
Educational Development & Connection LLC
Educational Resource Development Trust
Educatius, Inc.
EF Educational Foundation for Foreign Study dba EF High School Exchange Year
F.L.A.G., Inc.
First International Student Connections (FISC), LLC
FlyHigh Group, Inc.
Forte International Exchange Association
Foundation for Academic Cultural Exchange
Foundation for Worldwide International Student Exchange
Gateway Education USA, Corp.
Global Development Concept, LLC
Greenheart International dba Greenheart Exchange
Happy Dad Academy
Inner Circle Education Center, Inc.
Inter-Ed, Ltd.
International Academic Cultural Exchange, Inc.
International Cultural Exchange Services
International Education Management Group, Inc.
International Fellowship, Inc.
Ivy Bridge Group, Inc. dba Ivy Bridge Group, Inc.(West Coast), Inc.
Ivyfocus Education, Inc.
Jiangsu-California International Education Center, Inc.
Jolly-Noble International Education Management Group, LLC
Legacy Partners International, Inc.
Los Angeles Immigration & Naturalization Help Center, Inc.
Northwest Student Exchange
NW Services, Inc.
Pan Atlantic Foundation
Princeton Educational Services Corporation
Shimamura LLC dba Edu Abroad
Silicon Valley International Education Group
Sino-American Education Center
Southern California/Nevada Rotary International Youth Exchange, The
STS Foundation
Student American International Incorporated
Study Abroad Solutions
Summa Academy, Inc.
Summa Global Education dba AnB Education
Sunlight Educational Services/Consulting, LLC
Sunny International Exchange, Inc
Terra Lingua
Three-W U.S., Incorporated
Tower Bridge International, LLC
Twinn Palms, Inc.
United Cultural Exchange U.S.A.
United Edu Steward & Solutions, Inc.
University Track Preparation, LLC
USA, United Students Association, Inc.
Usarooted International, Inc.
Walkite International Academy
Wealth Ocean Consulting Corp.
Wennect, Inc.
Western States Student Exchange, Inc. (WESSE)
World Heritage International Student Exchange Program, Inc.
World Link, Inc. dba World Exchange Group
World Stars Education, Inc. dba World Stars Academy
Xplore Inc.
Young Life/Amicus
Youth For Understanding USA, Inc.