Forms and Publications

The following Bureau of Firearms forms and publications are currently available online:


Update: These forms now contain fields you can fill in electronically. To do so please:

  • Download the form by clicking on the link
  • Save to your computer
  • Enter in the data into the fields.

Please note: Users have reported issues printing PDF documents while using Google Chrome. If you experience any issues with printing while using Google Chrome, please try saving the PDF document(s) and opening it locally with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Then, you can fill out and print the document(s) as needed.

  • Dangerous Weapons License/Permit(s) Renewal Application (BOF 031), pdf
  • Employee Certificate of Eligibility Report of Employment (BOF 117), pdf
  • Employee Certificate of Eligibility Termination of Employment Notice (BOF 118), pdf
  • Entertainment Firearms Permit Application (BOF 051), pdf
  • Firearm Dealer’s Report of Firearm Acquisition (BOF 4334), pdf
  • Firearm Ownership Report (BOF 4542A), pdf
  • General Notice of Firearm Prohibition and Power of Attorney for Firearms Relinquishment, Sale or Transfer for Storage (BOF 110), pdf
  • Large-Capacity Magazine Permit Application (BOF 050), pdf
  • Military Assault Weapon Permit Application (BOF 4082), pdf
  • New Resident Report of Firearm Ownership (BOF 4010A), pdf
  • Notice of No longer In Possession (BOF 4546), pdf
  • Other Assault Weapon Registration (AWR) Disposition Letter Request (BOF 1040), pdf
  • Personal Firearms Eligibility Check Application (BOF 116), pdf
  • Report of Assault Weapon and/or .50 BMG Rifle Inventory, Acquisition, Disposition Manufacture, (BOF 042), pdf
  • Report of Commercial Motion Picture, Television Production or other Commercial Entertainment Event (BOF 048), pdf
  • Report of Destructive Device Inventory, Acquisition, Disposition, and Manufacture (BOF 044), pdf
  • Report of Destructive Device Public Display Activity (BOF 026), pdf
  • Report of Facility and Vehicle Security Compliance (BOF 045), pdf
  • Report of Machinegun Inventory, Acquisition, Disposition and Manufacture (BOF 041), pdf
  • Report of Operation of Law or Intra-Familial Firearm Transaction (BOF 4544A), pdf
  • Report of Repair and Maintenance Activity (BOF 027), pdf
  • Report of Sales Demonstration Activity (BOF 025), pdf
  • Report of Short-Barreled Shotgun/Rifle Inventory, Acquisition, Disposition and Manufacture (BOF 043), pdf
  • Report of Training and/or Research & Development Activity (BOF 024), pdf
  • Report of Use of Personal Assault Weapons in Military Sanctioned Activities (BOF 047)
  • Request for Hearing for Relief from Firearms Prohibition (BOF 4009C), pdf
  • Request for Live Scan Service - CA Eligibility Record Review (BOF 8016CRR), pdf
  • Request for Live Scan Service – Firearms Eligibility (BOF 8016RR), pdf
  • Request for Live Scan Service for POST-CERTIFICATION (BCIA/BOF 8016), pdf
  • Safe Handling Demonstration Affidavit (BOF 039), pdf
  • Verification List of Prospective Vendors/Designated Firearm Transfer Agents (BOF 105), pdf

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