Contacting the DOJ

The Attorney General’s office does not handle individual complaints or inquiries. As a result, DOJ does not represent individuals or provide individuals legal advice. DOJ is not mandated to pursue cases involving isolated violations of law, matters against state-level public entities, or out-of-state conduct. Instead, DOJ pursues systemic violations of law by local governmental entities or companies directly impacting the general public or large groups of individuals.

If you have a potential matter for DOJ’s consideration, you may contact the Public Inquiry Unit with your inquiry:

The information provided should include as much detail as possible about the facts of the matter. All inquiries will be kept confidential to the extent permitted by law.

Please note that DOJ or other staff may follow up to request further information but it cannot respond to every inquiry. DOJ cannot provide ongoing updates regarding an investigation or litigation, even to individuals who provided information regarding those matters.