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Unidentified Homicide Victim

February 2002 - Sacramento Police Department

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Facial Re-Construction

Facial Re-Construction of African American Female for Unidentified Homicide Victim

Sex: Female
Race: African American
Approximate Age: Late teens or early 20's
Height: 5'-5'5"
Weight: Unknown (thin to average)
Hair: Unknown
Eyes: Unknown
Outstanding Features: Has had a broken nose in the past
Dental: Teeth are very well cared for; no dental cavities; teeth have plastic sealants; missing all first bicuspids (#5, #12, #21, and #28); possible prior orthodontics or preparation for orthodontics; all four wisdom teeth are present; lower wisdom teeth are not fully erupted.
Information: The Sacramento Police Department is requesting assistance in identifying this unidentified female.
Summary: On June 29, 2001, the victim was found in Sacramento, California.

  • Sacramento Police Department: (916) 808-0656
  • Sacramento County Coroner's Office: (916) 874-9320

Prepared by the California Department of Justice, Missing and Unidentified Persons Unit, (916) 210-3119