Current Cases

Current Cases Under Review by the California Department of Justice

Pursuant to California Assembly Bill 1506 (AB 1506), the California Department of Justice is required to investigate all incidents of an officer-involved shooting resulting in the death of an unarmed civilian in the state. The California Department of Justice will investigate and review for potential criminal liability all such incidents.

All cases currently being handled by the California Department of Justice under AB 1506 will be listed here as soon as possible. During the immediate aftermath of a critical incident, the initial point of contact will typically be the local responding agency.

DOJ Case Number Case Details Status
BI-LA2024-00052 Date: 07/13/2024
Decedent: Ricardo Ramirez Jr.
Agency: Los Angeles Police Department
Location: Cross streets of 66th and Flower in Los Angeles
Under Investigation
BI-LA2024-00050 Date: 07/10/2024
Decedent: Luis Florez
Agency: Los Angeles Sheriff’s Office
Location: Cross streets Venice Blvd and Vermont St (Pico-Union) District
Under Investigation
BI-RI2024-00018 Date: 07/04/2024
Decedent: Jimmy Eugene
Agency: Hemet Police Department
Location: 133 N Harvard Street, Hemet, CA
Under Investigation
BI-LA2024-00049 Date: 06/30/2024
Decedent: Alberto Arenas
Agency: Downey Police Department
Location: 7118 Stewart and Gray Rd, Downey, CA 90241
Under Investigation
BI-2024-00015 Date: 05/31/2024
Decedent: Hugo Cachua
Agency: N/A
Location: Euclid Avenue and 6th Street, Ontario, San Bernardino County, CA
Involved Officer: Victor Corral (Off-Duty LAPD Officer)
Under Investigation
BI-RI2024-00014 Date: 05/25/2024
Decedent: Aaron Edward Gardner
Agency: Grover Beach Police Department
Location: 13th St and Grand Ave, Grover Beach CA
Under Investigation
BI-LA2024-00022 Date: 03/26/2024
Decedent: Scott William Thompson
Agency: Fullerton Police Dept.
Location: 141 W. Bastanchury Road, Fullerton
Under Investigation
BI-LA2024-00009 Date: 02/03/2024
Agency: Los Angeles Police Dept.
Location: 801 East 7th Street, Los Angeles
Involved Officer: Caleb Garcia-Alamilla
Under Investigation
BI-DU2023-00015 Date: 12/25/2023
Decedent: Nicholas Detweiler
Agency: Mt. Shasta PD
Location: Intersection of Pine and Lake, in the city of Mt. Shasta, on train tracks.
Involved Officer: Jeremiah Capurro
Under Investigation
BI-LA2023-00057 Date: 11/19/2023
Decedent: Jesse Dominguez
Agency: California Highway Patrol
Location: I-105/Wilmington Exit, Lynwood, Los Angeles County
Involved Officer: Lucas Ritter
Under Investigation
BI-RI2023-00017 Date: 11/11/2023
Decedent: Jaime Valdez
Agency: Fontana Police Department
Location: 7197 Big Sur Street, Fontana, San Bernardino County
Involved Officer: Alex Yanez
Under Investigation
BI-LA2023-00053 Date: 10/29/2023
Decedent: Abigail Crystal Lopez
Agency: Anaheim Police Department
Location: Anaheim Boulevard & Ball Road, Anaheim
Involved Officer: Kenneth Gulley, Banner Wolf
Under Investigation
BI-SF2023-00013 Date: 09/17/2023
Agency: California Highway Patrol
Location: Humboldt County in the City of Hoopa
Under Investigation
BI-SA2023-00068 Date: 09/11/2023
Agency: Stockton Police Department
Location: Intersection of N Pershing Ave & W Fremont St Stockton, CA 95203
Involved Officer: Marcos Alonzo
Under Investigation
BI-RI2023-00011 Date: 08/31/2023
Decedent: Elizandro Vargas
Agency: El Centro Police Dept.
Location: 1900 Block of Ocotillo Drive, El Centro
Involved Officer: Adrian Hirales
Under Investigation
BI-SF2023-00012 Date: 08/18/2023
Decedent: Tahmon Wilson
Agency: Martinez Police Department
Location: 4808 Sunrise Drive, Martinez, CA
Involved Officer: Cole Bennett, Alexander Tirona, Marc Kahue, Raul Ceja-Mendez
Under Investigation
BI-SA2023-00048 Date: 07/03/2023
Agency: California Highway Patrol and Alameda County Sheriff’s Office
Location: 1600 Block 163rd Avenue at Liberty Street, Ashland, Alameda County
Under Investigation
BI-LA2023-00020 Date: 05/27/2023
Agency: Burbank Police Department
Location: 1200 S. Flower Street, Burbank
Involved Officer: Peter Choi, Jose Placencia, Geovanni Fabian
Under Investigation
BI-LA2023-00018 Date: 04/28/2023
Decedent: Michael Owens
Agency: Oxnard Police Department
Location: 235 E. 17th Street, Oxnard
Involved Officer: Manuel Garcia
Under Investigation
BI-SF2023-00006 Date: 04/29/2023
Decedent: Jesus Guzman Jr.
Agency: California Highway Patrol
Location: I-5 Southbound / County Road 33, Glenn County
Involved Officer: Steve Bryant
Under Investigation
BI-SA2023-00037 Date: 04/16/2023
Decedent: Joel Villegas
Agency: Tulare Police Department
Location: Bardsley Avenue and Vetter Street, Tulare
Involved Officer: Daniel Bradley, Adan Barragan
Under Investigation
BI-SF2023-00005 Date: 04/13/2023
Decedent: Elmer Lopez-Castaneda
Agency: Newark Police Dept. and Fremont Police Dept. (Alameda County)
Location: 39150 Cedar Boulevard (Cedar Boulevard and Mowry Avenue), Newark
Involved Officer: Thomas Degenstien, Anthony Piol, Jessie Hartman, and Trevor Damewood
Under Investigation
BI-LA2023-00013 Date: 04/05/2023
Decedent: Victor Eduardo Nava
Agency: Southgate Police Department
Location: 5600 Block District Boulevard, Vernon (Los Angeles County)
Under Investigation
BI-RI2023-00006 Date: 03/18/2023
Decedent: Guillermo Huerta
Agency: Bakersfield Police Department
Location: Bakersfield, Kern County
Involved Officer: Bradley Mouser
Under Investigation
BI-LA2023-00010 Date: 03/12/2023
Decedent: Kyle Sostek
Agency: San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department
Location: Big Bear, San Bernardino County
Involved Officer: Samuel Fuller
Under Investigation
BI-SF2023-00002 Date: 03/04/2023
Decedent: Roberto Corchado
Agency: Fresno Police Department
Location: Fresno, California
Involved Officer: Bryce Hammond and Luke Tran
Under Investigation
BI-LA2023-00008 Date: 02/10/2023
Decedent: Austin Heiselman
Agency: Fullerton Police Department
Location: La Habra, California
Involved Officer: Nicholas Ashman, Mathew Green, Joshua Walker, and Juan Arenas
Under Investigation
BI-SA2023-00022 Date: 02/09/2023
Decedent: David Lawrence Couch III
Agency: California Highway Patrol
Location: Redding, California
Involved Officer: Ryan Cates
Under Investigation
BI-LA2023-00005 Date: 01/22/2023
Decedent: Charles Robert Towns
Agency: Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department
Location: Altadena, California
Involved Officer: Clarissa Prentice and Eliezer Morales
Under Investigation
BI-LA2023-00004 Date: 01/11/2023
Decedent: Christopher Lee Mercuio
Agency: Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department
Location: Santa Clarita, California
Involved Officer: Lorena Gonzalez
Under Investigation
BI-RI2023-00001 Date: 01/11/2023
Decedent: Samuel Arredondo
Agency: San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department
Location: Joshua Tree, California
Involved Officer: Aimee Coakley and Tyler Gilbert
Under Investigation
BI-RI2022-00091 Date: 12/20/2022
Agency: Bakersfield Police Department
Location: Bakersfield, California
Involved Officer: Andrew Ferguson, James King, Chad Rogers, Cortez Summit, Anthony Flores, Nicholas Ashby, Dominic Ramirez, and Scott Lazenby
Under Investigation
BI-LA2022-00049 Date: 12/18/2022
Decedent: Guillermo Medina
Agency: Culver City Police Department
Location: Culver City, California
Involved Officer: Adam Rios
Under Investigation
BI-SF2022-00016 Date: 12/17/2022
Decedent: Victor Marquez Melendez
Agency: Woodlake Police Department
Location: Exeter, California
Involved Officer: Chris Kaious and Juan Gonzales
Under Investigation
BI-LA2022-00046 Date: 12/08/2022
Decedent: John Ray Romero
Agency: San Diego Police Department
Location: San Diego, California
Involved Officer: Gregory Bergman, Jonathan Estrada, and Michael Thornton
Under Investigation
BI-LA2022-00038 Date: 09/27/2022
Decedent: Savannah Graziano and Anthony John Graziano
Agency: San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department
Location: Hesperia, California
Under Investigation
BI-LA2022-00035 Date: 09/17/2022
Decedent: Luis Herrera
Agency: Los Angeles Police Department
Location: Los Angeles, California
Involved Officer: Luis Navarette
Under Investigation
BI-LA2022-00027 Date: 07/27/2022
Decedent: Marcos Maldonado
Agency: Los Angeles Police Department
Location: Los Angeles, California
Involved Officer: David Gillardo and Alonso Vasques
Under Investigation
BI-RI2022-00022 Date: 07/22/2022
Decedent: Jay Jackson
Agency: Riverside County Sheriff's Department
Location: Moreno Valley, California
Involved Officer: Robert Carrasco
Under Investigation
BI-LA2022-00025 Date: 07/15/2022
Decedent: Trent William Millsap
Agency: Westminster Police Department
Location: Anaheim, California
Involved Officer: Miguel Gradilla and Alejandro Lopez
Under Investigation
BI-SF2022-00007 Date: 07/13/2022
Decedent: Curtis Dale Barnett
Agency: Salinas Police Department
Location: Salinas, California
Involved Officer: Gabriel Garcia, Alejandro Jimenez, Eduardo Bejarano, and Jordy Urrutia
Under Investigation
BI-LA2022-00022 Date: 06/21/2022
Decedent: Darnell Trevon Travis
Agency: Fontana Police Department
Location: Fontana, California
Involved Officer: Alex Millian
Under Investigation
BI-SF2022-00004 Date: 05/19/2022
Decedent: Rafael Mendoza and Michael MacFhionghain
Agency: San Francisco Police Department
Location: San Francisco, California
Involved Officer: Aidan O’Driscoll, Daniel Rosaia, Trent Collins, and Joshua Dequis
Under Investigation
BI-SF2022-00003 Date: 05/19/2022
Decedent: Austin Flores
Agency: Fresno Police Department
Location: Fresno, California
Involved Officer: Christopher Cooper
Under Investigation
BI-LA2022-00013 Date: 04/09/2022
Decedent: Daniel Luis Valdivia
Agency: Covina Police Department
Location: Covina, California
Involved Officer: Vanessa Cardoza, David Meadows, and Billy Sun
Under Investigation
BI-LA2022-00009 Date: 02/17/2022
Decedent: Pedro Morales Lopez
Agency: Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department
Location: Norwalk, California
Involved Officer: Giovanni Lampignano
Under Investigation