60 Day Notice 2003-00169

AG Number: 
Notice PDF: 
Date Filed: 
Noticing Party: 
Consumer Defense Group
Alleged Violators: 
Sierra West
Chateau Loire
Casa Del Prado
Lincoln Terrace
La Palma Terrace
Sorrento Terrace
Villla Del Rey
Villa San Angelo
Woodstock Terrace
Cambridge Terrace
Bush Terrace
Kimberly Terrace
Villa Portifino
Park Wilshire
Washington Terrace
Villa San Giorgio
Judson Terrace)
Rondell Homes
Tobacco smoke (primary)
Environmental Exposures; Occupational Exposures; and Product Exposures (Second-hand Smoke and Smokeless Tobacco Products; Use of Combustible Products and Materials by Tenants; Use of Hobby-Related Products and Materials by Tenants; Apartment Properties Construction Materials; Natural gas, liquid fuel gases and fuel oil conversion; Parking Facilities and Designated Loading/Unloading Locations Cause Exposure to Vehicle Emissions; Emergency Generators; Tenant, Employee and Business Invitees Transportation Services; In-Apartment Cleaning and Maintenance; Exterior and Common Area Apartment Maintenance; and Exposures to Designated Chemicals Associated with Apartment Property Amenities).

60-Day Notice Document