60 Day Notice 2003-00176

AG Number: 
Notice PDF: 
Date Filed: 
Noticing Party: 
Consumer Defense Group and The McKenzie Group
Alleged Violators: 
Far West Management Corporation and All Persons and Entities Named on Exhibit A Hereto (Far West Fairhave, Ltd.
Far West Riverside, Ltd.
Far West South Coast, Ltd.
Far West Bear, Ltd.
Villa Del Mar Properties, Ltd.
Far West Segerstrom Partners I
and Sunflower Associates)
Tobacco smoke (primary)
Environmental Exposures; Occupational Exposures; and Product Exposures (Second-hand Smoke and Smokeless Tobacco Products; Use of Combustible Products and Materials by Tenants; Use of Hobby-Related Products and Materials by Tenants; Apartment Properties Construction Materials; Natural gas, liquid fuel gases and fuel oil conversion; Parking Facilities and Designated Loading/Unloading Locations Cause Exposure to Vehicle Emissions; Emergency Generators; Tenant, Employee and Business Invitees Transportation Services; In-Apartment Cleaning and Maintenance; Exterior and Common Area Apartment Maintenance; and Exposures to Designated Chemicals Associated with Apartment Property Amenities).
Notice of Errata Re: Various Previously Served 60-Day Notices of Intent To Sue All Persons and Entities Named on Exhibit A, was received on July 29, 2003.

60-Day Notice Document