60 Day Notice 2003-00527

AG Number: 
Notice PDF: 
Date Filed: 
Noticing Party: 
The McKenzie Group and Consumer Defense Group
Alleged Violators: 
FS Aviara Hotel Employment, Inc. and Aviara Resort Associates, L.P.
Tobacco smoke (primary)
Environmental Exposures; Occupational Exposures; and Product Exposures (Alcoholic Beverages (bars, mini bars); Swimming Pool/Hot Tubs; Food and Beverage Operations; Automobile Parking Facilities; Beach Fronts and sand areas (silica); Fuel Dispensing; Equipment Maintenance; Bicycle Rental and Repair; Hotel Transportation Vehicles; Dry-cleaning Facilities; Kitchen; Fireplaces and Patio Heaters; Salon; Valet (shoeshine and dry cleaning delivery); Candles; Matches; Arts & Crafts Supplies and Classes; Sterno Cooking Fuel; Second-hand Smoke and Smokeless Tobacco Products; Cleaning Supplies/Janitorial; Maintenance/Power Tools; Furniture/Furnishings/Window Treatments; Public and Guest Bathrooms; Medical/First Aid Supplies; Internal Combustion (“IC”) Engines, Boilers and other Gas Burning Devices, and Fireplaces; Electronic Equipment, Electric Equipment and Associated Cables Wires and Batteries;

60-Day Notice Document