60 Day Notice 2004-00211

AG Number: 
Notice PDF: 
Date Filed: 
Noticing Party: 
The McKenzie Group
Consumer Defense Group
Alleged Violators: 
Youritan Construction Company dba The Tan Group
Tobacco smoke (primary)
General Violations including Second-hand Tobacco Smoke and Smokeless Tobacco Products; Combustion Products and Materials; Hobby-Related Products and Materials; Apartment Properties Construction Materials; Potable Water Systems; Paints, Finishes and Coatings; Furniture, Furnishing and Window Treatments; Brass Hardware, Metal Surfaces, and Electrical Wiring/Fixtures; Natural Gas, Liquid Fuel Gases and Fuel Oil Combustion; Automobile Parking Facilities, Designated Loading/Unloading Locations and Transportation Services; Apartment Cleaning and Maintenance; Exterior and Common Area Maintenance and Cleaning; Landscaping Maintenance Activities and Pesticides; Electronic and Electric Equipment and Associated Cables, Wires and Batteries; Office Supplies and Office Equipment.

60-Day Notice Document