Law Enforcement Intelligence Unit (LEIU)

The California Department of Justice serves as the Central Coordinating Agency for this program’s mission to provide leadership and promote professionalism in the criminal intelligence community in order to protect public safety and constitutional rights. The Association is a professional criminal intelligence network that promotes trust, training, integrity, and communication among its members.


Trust is a critical requirement for sharing confidential information. LEIU promotes a trusting relationship among its members by screening applicants, maintaining legal and ethical standards, providing networking opportunities at conferences, and coordinating criminal investigations on subjects of common interest.


LEIU holds annual training seminars, hosts local and regional training classes, publishes books and articles on pertinent subjects, and offers assistance to members for developing or evaluating their criminal intelligence units.


LEIU facilitates the communication of criminal intelligence by providing members with established dissemination standards, membership rosters with individual contact numbers for member personnel assigned to organized crime, gangs, and terrorism, and a computerized database accessible via


LEIU maintains that integrity is a key component of all criminal intelligence unit operations. Without integrity, there can be no trust between agencies or the public constituencies they serve.