eCrime Unit

The eCrime Unit is tasked with investigating and prosecuting large scale identity theft and technology crimes with actual losses in excess of $50,000.

The primary mission of the eCrime Unit is to investigate and prosecute multi-jurisdictional criminal organizations, networks, and groups that perpetrate identity theft crimes, use an electronic device or network to facilitate a crime, or commit a crime targeting an electronic device, network or intellectual property.

In addition, the eCrime Unit:

  • provides investigative and prosecutorial support to the five California regional high-tech task forces funded through the High Technology Theft Apprehension and Prosecution (HTTAP) Program Trust Fund
  • provides investigative, legal, and prosecutorial support for technology crime investigations to those rural counties that are not represented by an HTTAP-funded task force
  • provides coordination for out-of-state technology-crime investigation requests
  • provides support for technology crime investigations that are initiated by other state agencies
  • provides legal support for state-operated digital forensic laboratories
  • develops and provides training for judges, prosecutors, law enforcement officers and the public on the importance of strong information-security practices and evolving technology-related crime issues