Identity Theft Information Sheets

You can make protection part of your life. Our resources give you ways to reduce your risk of becoming a target. If you are a victim now, our information will help you act to resolve problems and recover your good name.

Top 10 Tips for Identity Theft Protection

Know Your Rights: California Identity Theft Victims' Rights

Identity Theft Victim Checklist

Identity Theft Affidavit

Requesting Information on Fraudulent Accounts: A Guide for Identity Theft Victims

When Your Child's Identity Is Stolen

Identity Theft and the Deceased

Your Social Security Number: Controlling the Key to Identity Theft

How to Use the California Identity Theft Registry - A Guide for Victims of "Criminal" Identity Theft

How to "Freeze" Your Credit Files

How to Order Your Free Credit Reports

How to "Freeze" Your Child's Credit Files: Tips for Parents and Guardians

Security Breach First Steps

(A one-page notice for breaches involving Social Security numbers only)

Child Security Breach First Steps

(A notice for breaches involving a child's Social Security number only)

First Aid for Medical Identity Theft: Tips for Consumers

Breach Help: Tips for Consumers