Research Advisory Panel

California law, pursuant to Health & Safety Code Sections §11480 & §11481, requires proposed research projects using certain opioid, stimulant, and hallucinogenic drugs classified as Schedule I and Schedule II Controlled Substances as their main study drug(s), to be reviewed and authorized by the Research Advisory Panel of California in the Attorney General's Office. See the Guidelines page for specific criteria.

The Research Advisory Panel primarily seeks to ensure the safety and protection of participating human research subjects and adequate security of the controlled substances used in the study. The Panel Members evaluate the scientific validity of each proposed project, and may reject proposals where the research is poorly conceived, would produce conclusions of little scientific value, or would not justify the exposure of California subjects to the risk of research.

During 2017 the Panel reviewed forty-two research study submissions. Forty were approved by the Panel. Among the approved studies, eighteen studies were Academic research studies, eighteen studies were Multi-Center Clinical Drug Trial research studies, and four studies were Substance Abuse Treatment research studies.

At the end of 2017, the Panel was monitoring one hundred and fifteen research projects.

In California, there is not a separate controlled substance license requirement. When the researchers need to apply DEA license/registration, go to the DEA website at, select Form 225 and write N/A in section 4.

Applicants may utilize the DEA Controlled Substance Listings link for further information on controlled substance schedules.