Application Forms for Research

Academic human research with Schedule I or II controlled substances, non-human research with Schedule I controlled substances, and research in the treatment of controlled substance use disorders have a standardized submission format which requires a completed Panel Application Form, study protocol, study informed consent form(s), and study drug monographs or investigator’s brochures.

Note: For Informed Consent, please refer to the California Informed Consent Form Guidelines page provided on this website.

The following Panel Application Forms are available in PDF (Printable Document Format). To open PDF files, download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. These RAPC applications are in a fillable form. While you may fill out the form on your computer, your ability to save an unfinished or completed form will depend on your full version of Adobe software. Downloading the form onto your computer will allow you to more readily save the data.

Group 1 Research

Group 2 Research

Group 3 Research